Monday, August 27, 2012

JHU News-Letter: "The APL drones on and on"

On May 7, 2012, the Johns Hopkins News-Letter ("Published by the students of Johns Hopkins University since 1896") ran an editorial entitled, "The APL drones on and on."

"This page must stress that it does not object to the progress APL has made in helping to help keep our nation secure and our troops safe. We do, however, object to APL’s involvement with General Atomics, contributing to the production of these aerial combat drones used by the CIA in covert operations abroad," it said.

The News-Letter particularly called into question the legality of U.S. drone operations, and called the secrecy surrounding drone research, saying " this goes against the open nature of universities, including affiliated organizations like the APL.

The editorial was spurred by a discussion forum sponsored by the Human Rights Working Group and the Graduate Student Organization, focusing on the University’s role in drone research and production.

Read the full text of "The APL drones on and on."

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